The Nuit des images decompartmentalizes genres. The seven screens, installed like so many green theatres in the vast gardens of the Elysée, offer everyone the pleasure of a nightly, friendly and festive stroll. For one evening, still images will mix with moving images, mixing photography, video and cinema. 

Contemporary creation, historical perspectives, music and new discoveries, we have invited more than 60 artists to create specific screenings. In total, there are more than 40 productions, most of them unpublished, with blank cards at the Swiss Cinémathèque, the Ecal, the Head - Geneva Cinema/Cinema of Reality Department, the CoalMine Gallery or the Swiss Foundation for Photography. The attached program will help you make choices. 

From 6.30 pm, On Print (a mini book fair), concerts with a musical programme hosted by Le Bourg, photographic activities to fly over the Elysée, two restaurants and three bars await adults and children alike.