Because photography is projected, because music perfectly accompanies images, because artists like to confront themselves with experimental forms, because nothing is more beautiful than lighting up the night with the light of images, because it is absolutely necessary to celebrate summer... We can find a thousand and one reasons to celebrate images in the gardens of the Elysée. The best of them is the program you are holding in your hands. It is he who will guide you through the forty or so new projects created by promising or already confirmed artists. All agreed to design a projection for one of the seven screens installed for one evening in our gardens. 

The Nuit des images is also On Print, a small book fair that now brings together some fifteen alternative publishers from all over Switzerland for concerts and performances. It is a sound installation - or how to see with your ears - made with the complicity of RTS. It is also the Children's Night with activities specially designed for them... and finally, it is the Elysée Museum, exceptionally open and free until midnight.